Top 5 Tips For New Bloggers #2

Last but not least, newbie blogger advice part three and probably my favourite of the lot from A Day In The Life Of A Mum Of 6. It’s another list of ‘dos’, but I seem to find the advice in this one the best of the bunch. I definitely agree with the first point about reading other blogs; something I haven’t had much chance to do over the past couple of weeks. I might blog about why soon. Anyway, please read all these reposts and don’t forget to give Lynne a follow 🙂

This is a follow on from my last blog post about ideas for newbies to the blogging world, as I’m relatively new this will be added to as time goes on and I learn what works.

  • Read- Something I have massively neglected to do until I started blogging, I’m now reading all the time, its very inspirational plus helps you give honest factual content
  • Reach Out-Is there someone local that you admire, a radio presenter, local personality maybe someone more recognisable to all, reach out and tell them why you admire them, then blog about it.
  • Don’t beat yourself up-If you post something you look back on and regret, just move on and don’t let it get you down. Its all a learning curve, take the positives from it.
  • Talk Talk Talk-Or virtually if needs be, talk to bloggers online, get involved in your niches network, if you read a blog…

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