Urgent – Job Required!

This couch. So comfy.

I must get searching for a job.

I’ll make myself a coffee.

Too warm. Wait for it to cool.

Now; this job search.

Article about something. I’ll read that.

Pop a smart-arsed comment on there.

My coffee. It’s cooled down now.

Read this other article while I drink.

Comfy, comfy couch!

Job search.

Facebook. So much nonsense.

Still scrolling though.

Twitter. More nonsense.

Still scrolling though.

Look for a job. You jobless bum!

I will. After a nap.

Such a comfy couch…

(via Daily Prompt: Urgent)

62 thoughts on “Urgent – Job Required!

    1. It was only a response to a daily prompt, hence why I didn’t share it. Daily prompt throws a word out and challenges you to post something around the word. It’s a nice brain stretcher


      1. That’s actually untrue. Clever women don’t scare me. VERY clever women scare me. I knew a girl who was so clever that talking to her frustrated me. She knew I was quite clever, but that she was cleverer and she’d really let me know it. Not even subtly either

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      2. I agree. I think some people develop arrogance with intelligence and become insufferable bastard’s as a result. I admit I don’t suffer fools terribly well, but I’m too polite to be obnoxious towards them. So I suppose I DO actually suffer fools quite well, at least externally

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      3. Rocks can be interesting though depending on their source and formation. Same with dumb people. I’ve met numpties who were nonetheless likeable. But in general, I prefer keeping the company of people who I can have a nice conversation with about interesting subjects. I hate talking about football (soccer). It’s as dull as talking about the weather


      1. Anything is better than looking for what minimum wage piece of dogshit you want to sacrifice yourself for. Don’t bully yourself into writing. You’ll stop enjoying it if you do that (in my experience anyway)

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      2. People ARE always throwing monkeys in the mix in my experience. I got told off for coming to bed so late last night, but it’s all I could do to actually get a decent amount of time to concentrate on my editing

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      3. Oh now there’s a teaser, Ill be sure to read it. And thank you, I’m glad your liking them.
        I don’t know if it will matter too much that the first chapter’s different. I’ve noticed by my stats that a huge amount of people don’t read all the way back through a story. I personally hate starting a story in the middle, but to each their own. I’m just happy for the reads I get.

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      4. Oh god no! Who the hell starts a story from somewhere in the middle? There’s a reason it’s called the middle and not the start. Imagine watching TWD from like series 4 onwards? It just couldn’t be done

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      5. I’d agree, but then something happened in the final episode of season six. Steven Ogg! If he’s a mainstay for series seven then I’ll probably be man crushing my way through it. Haha. I have reread books before. Clive Cussler ones predominantly. I’ll also likely reread the Kierkegaard books I’ve got at some point too


      6. Sshshsh! I’m not through season 6 yet. I had to wait for it to come on Netflix and I’ve been milking it.
        I remember the plots and then lose all interest when I reread books. I’ve never read anything by either of those authors. I usually stick to paranormal, romance, horror, survival fiction. They’re not the fancy genre’s but I enjoy them a lot.

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      7. You like what you like. Fuck fancy! Cussler writes adventure thrillers of a marine nature while Søren Kierkegaard was a philosopher. The forefather of existentialism no less. He was like the Victorian era’s Jean-Paul Sartre.
        No spoilers, just expect Steven Ogg in the last episode. Haha. If you don’t know who he is then you never played GTA V

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      8. People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use

        How’s that for a brilliant quote? That’s a Kierkegaard quote from the 19th Century. Amazing how it’s probably more relevant now like 150 years later. His books are quite profound. Might I suggest The Seducer’s Diary. It’s old school, but a really interesting read.

        I’m good at remembering names and faces in general, though I do get that annoying mental block when writing where there’s a certain word I want to use and it won’t come to me

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      9. That is a brilliant one, I will look at his books when I go to the library.
        I get that with crazy easy words sometimes, I’m always telling my daughter she’d better get a good paying job to pay for my nursing home when I’m in my 50’s . Lol
        What’s sadder is that she agrees with me.

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      10. It’ll definitely be worth it. Fear and Trembling and The Sickness Unto Death are pretty crazy to get your head around. The Seducer’s Diary was a bit less out there. I need to get reading more of his stuff. I’ve got books by JP Sartre, Friedrich Nietzsche and Stephen Hawking to read yet too.
        I really struggled with the word ‘executing’ whilst editing the other day. It just wasn’t coming to me at all. I’m not convinced it’s age creeping up, but it’s natural to think that once you’re beyond 30 I reckon

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      11. Nah, I’ve been like that my whole life, I just have so many different little scenarios going on in my head that I quite often go on autopilot while doing things. Your reading list is very grown up.

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      12. Only started reading the existentialist stuff in the last year. Stephen Hawking is more leaning towards my astronomy-astrophysics loving side. I do like to learn from reading as well as doing it for entertainment.
        I always lose myself in multiple thoughts. So much so that I’ll often forget really good ideas. I hate that!

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      13. You should. It’s some really interesting people from all different specialties, giving speeches and explanations of different things. Kind of what I imagine a college lecture to be like.

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