My most memorable date, what happened next.  

Here is the second instalment of this fascinating blog. Be sure to follow the link itself and like the post I’ve reblogged as well. It deserves a hatful of likes in my opinion

Just a few words about ....

Okay readers, this is a follow up to my first blog.

It has a more serious tone than the first.

The date is 22 June 1982 and I’m in one of the children’s wards at Pendlebury Childrens Hospital. This is the day the tests begin. To be honest the day went with a bit of a blur. So much going on.

Blood tests, X-rays and lots of photographs were taken. The photographs were a little strange to pose for. First they took shots of my fingers. Apparently, the ends of my fingers are a little bulbous and the doctors thought it was a little strange. So lots of photographs of my fingers. Next, they were interested in a vein that was showing through my chest and stomach. I had not noticed that before so was a little bit of a shock to me. I was then taken to Christies to…

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