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Sometimes you just need to say something, share something or do something and there’s seemingly no reason for you to do it.

Why do you need a reason? Who said there needs to be a reason? As Jay Kay once said in Jamiroquai’s first album; if I like it, I just do it (and as I’ve posted the link below you should definitely have a listen). Can’t we all just do things for the sake of doing them?

Very little of what happens in my life is off the cuff. Being a parent kind of makes that an impossibility. There’s no nipping to the pub for a pint because I feel like it. There’s no going on my PS4 at whatever time of day I fancy. I often stay up late, but always feel like I’m breaking the rules in some way.

So much in life has to be predetermined and planned out in order to happen and frustratingly more so the older you get. I remember my late teens and early twenties and being able to come and go as I pleased without fear of reprisal. I didn’t even need money a lot of the time; an impromptu night out in Sheffield with only a tenner in my back pocket and coming home with change pretty much proof of that. What a brilliant night that was!

Alas, those days are behind me. As a young adult you can get away with off the cuff. With responsibilities comes a lack of freedom. You can’t go off gallivanting without it affecting somebody else when you’re a father. You have to sacrifice yourself and that’s just the way it is.

I love my little munchkin to death, but I so wish I could go for a spontaneous pint…


It can’t remain that way without you ending up feeling some kind of resentment. You need to spread your wings every so often.

There are ways in which it can be done without upsetting the people around you. There’s a place you can visit that can set your mind free a little and provide you with some entertainment, as well as providing you a stomping ground to let yourself loose a little.

“Where is this place” I hear you cry.

That place is Facebook. Not Facebook in general. No; Facebook in general is one of the most annoying entities in everyday modern life. This special place is on Facebook though.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you For No Reason At All.

Christopher Walken in a pink bunny suit is the group image header…for no reason at all!


If you aren’t among the 16,477 (and counting) strong legion of members that make up the For No Reason At All group then you’re obviously living under a rock. It’s a great open group where you can let loose with your funnies, your interestings and your randoms. Provided the stuff you post isn’t offensive or spam you’ll be a welcome addition to the group.

A great friend of mine, Dan Hopton, started the group just over two years ago. I’ve known Dan for around fifteen years having first met him when he was the resident Sunday night DJ at a since extinct bar called Pitt & Nelson (later The Bedroom) in Ashton-under-Lyne. We hit it off pretty much immediately.

After Pitt went the way of Macauley Culkin’s career we went years without crossing paths again, bar a freak encounter in Revolution in Manchester one night. It was while I was commenting on something that Shaun Lever had posted on Facebook that Dan suddenly reappeared in my life and we’ve remained in pretty much regular contact since. Shortly after his reappearance he started For No Reason At All.

The co-creator of the FNRAA revolution; Daniel ‘DJ Dan’ Hopton


I was an immediate fanboy. The stuff getting posted was brilliant and so funny. It was the group that The Very Boring Group wished it could be (my hatred for that group and its admin runs deep. If any of you are reading this, bite me). I’ve made loads of friends thanks to For No Reason At All. Honestly, I can’t praise it highly enough.

Earlier this year I was randomly contacted by Dan late one night as I played on Just Cause 3 to be invited onto the admin team. Naturally, I accepted with great pleasure. I was also made admin of a couple of the sister groups; FNRAA Tuneapocalyptica (where FNRAAers post links to music) and FNRAA Movie and TV Fest (a place to talk movies and TV oddly enough).

It’s a fantastic little community. The people are brilliant in the main. You get the odd idiot, but they’re as unavoidable as trees in a forest no matter where you go. Anybody can join as long as the rules are adhered to and the rules really aren’t that intense.

I would urge anyone and everyone to join. It’s a fantastic break from the mundanity of everyday existence. I’ve wound up in some really profound conversations in the group and it can really get the mind working. The rest of the time I’m just laughing at daft stuff that gets posted or posting daft stuff myself.

Just one example of many as to the kind of things you’ll see in For No Reason At All


Joining couldn’t be easier. There are plenty of admins so your request to join will be seen in mere minutes. Become a regular and well-liked poster and you’ll make more friends than you could begin to conceive. My fellow admins are awesome people too. Every one of them is funny and interesting in their own unique way.

Here’s my advice; stop scrolling through your Facebook timeline and looking at the same friends posting the same boring crap (and you know it’s boring crap). Join For No Reason At All and be entertained. Make some new friends and get involved in some mind expanding conversations. More to the point, have fun with social media again like we all used to. Just click on one of the several links throughout the post.

We’re waiting for your request to join…

It’s me dressed as a 1980’s rapper…for no reason at all!

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